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Hieu Chau. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Super film nerd fanatic and all around geek with a penchant for WRASSLIN'.

Most things that occupy this Tumblr blog consist of: Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Olsen Amanda Seyfried and Shiina Ringo.

I write about films over at my blog, Musing With Hieu, write reviews for Japan Cinema and am the Entertainment Editor at Meld Magazine. Can also be found on Twitter.

All ideas and opinions expressed on this blog are completely my own and not of my employers.
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I’m playing oblivion and I stole a wheel of cheese from a store and then like 2 hours later I’m in an oblivion gate drowning in lava and a guard swims up to me and is like “stop right there”. My bounty is 5 gold and this dude is on fire trying to arrest a cheese thief

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Didn’t you ever see any shows about cancer? Cancer people are always bald.

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"the day she was born, they rang the bells from sunrise to sunset"

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, Super Famicom.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, Super Famicom.

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Boyhood (2014)

Dir. Richard Linklater

"You don’t want the bumpers. Life doesn’t give you bumpers."

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Age Of Ultron concept poster (x)

Age Of Ultron concept poster (x)

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jerry accidentally walked into someone elses interview so he backtracked and pulled out his phone and just scrolled through it in the middle of the red carpet

does art imitate life? or does life imitate art?

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